Artist in Residence: Charles Criner

Charles Criner is the kind of artist that likes to "exhaust" the medium. He "pulls" his prints in black and white, then in color, and on top of that he sometimes adds acrylic over the print to produce original paintings on paper.

He, however, is also parsimonious, or rather, enjoys the limitations of using only three colors and no more to make his prints. He is furthermore the kind of artist / craftsman that prizes the concrete relationship between himself and his work. Criner always pulls prints himself, never letting other professional printers do this for him.

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Book Arts Group

The Houston Book Arts Group at The Printing Museum was established in December 2005 to gather area artists whose work includes paper and book structures: printmaking, bookbinding, calligraphy, papermaking, letterpress, collage. Our members number over 75, including instructors in the art departments of Houstonís universities, professional designers, and other artists. Our group includes interested beginners as well as those with extensive experience. All are welcome at our monthly meetings, which are held the first Thursday of each month from 6 to 8 p.m. Please check the Book Arts Groupís website for more information.

Printers Guild

The Guild was formed in the mid-1990s by The Printing Museum and its supporters, as a collaborative effort to benefit both the Museum and printers/printing hobbyists. Guild membership is open to all interested individuals regardless of their background or level of expertise. The only requirement for membership is an enthusiastic desire to join with others in a hands-on experience of graphic communication through letterpress printing. Guild members meet monthly at the Museum, scheduling workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and projects, most of which are open to the public. Guild members support the Museum by helping to maintain the letterpress shop, donating printed items for sale at the gift shop, and collaborating with the Museum to bring in events or speakers. The Guild meets the first Saturday of every month at 10am, usually at The Printing Museum. Please check the Guild's website for more information.

Volunteer Bookbinders

Myssie Light

Working almost exclusively by hand using tools that date back to the nineteenth century, Myssie is keeping the ancient craft alive by producing & binding one of a kind leather books in the European tradition. Each piece is finely crafted using archival quality materials.

As a professional bookbinder, she specializes in custom leather-bound design bindings. Her work includes complete design & production of books, portfolios & boxes, all of which are one of a kind and small editions.

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Lena Le Moal

Focusing on book repair, Lena Le Moal finds books in deteriorated form, and uses her bookbinding skills and tools to recondition them.

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Working Studios

The Printing Museum features printmaking and letterpress workshops, a papermaking shop, and a book bindery. These are operated and maintained by resident artists, volunteers (Guild Members), and visiting artists.

The Vernon P. Hearn Printmaker's Workshop houses two 1830's star wheel stone lithopresses, and early 20th century proof press, and a late 19th century engraving press.

The A.V. Emmott Bookbinder's Workshop displays book binding tools and bound volumes in various stages of creation. Visitors can observe the processes of paper cutting, stitching and binding, and the cutting and application of leather, lettering and gold leaf.

The Raoul Barton Beasley Letterpress Workshop houses the Anita and Edward Bader type collections and numerous presses and equipment for traditional letterpress production.

The papermaking shop is a production area fitted with contemporary equipment for making paper by hand. The Museum periodically offers classes in papermaking and paper marbling.


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