"Change" — A limited edition print by Charles Criner

The Museum of Printing History is pleased to present a limited edition print by Charles Criner, Artist-in-Residence. The print, “Change” features the image of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. In the print, Criner portrays in silhouette the history of African Americans. This tumultuous history is woven through the design, beginning with slavery, the Civil Rights movement, and finally, the Obama Presidency.

“Charles Criner has created a poignantly beautiful lithograph of three historic Americans. It also depicts the history of African Americans and reflects the enormous change that has occurred in the United States,” said Ann Kasman, Executive Director, Museum of Printing History. “The fact that the print was created on a 19th century lithography press makes it a unique piece of art and also a natural vehicle to raise awareness and funds for the museum.”

“Change” will be limited to 150 signed and numbered prints. The first print will be presented to President Obama. The prints sell for $175 unframed or $275 framed. All proceeds from the sale of the remaining prints will benefit the Museum.

“Change” was printed on the Museum of Printing History's historic 1830s starwheel stone lithography press, the same type of press used in Abraham Lincoln's lifetime. This is the same press that Dr. John Biggers, mentor of Charles Criner, used to print his limited edition prints at the Museum of Printing History.

Charles Criner was born in the small East Texas town of Athens in 1945. He studied art at Texas Southern University under the guidance of the late Dr. John Biggers. Criner worked for NASA producing drawings for Apollo 11, as Advertising Director at the Houston Post and in advertising art at the Houston Chronicle. He is the Artist-in-Residence at the Museum of Printing History where he operates a studio and leads stone lithography workshops using the museum’s 1830s starwheel oak press. Criner’s work is included in numerous public and private collections and is displayed in galleries across the country.

For information on how to purchase one of the limited edition “Change” prints, please call us at 713-522-4652.


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