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The Artist's Eye: Three Houston Artists Collect Prints

The Printing Museum and PrintMatters are pleased to present "The Artist’s Eye: Three Houston Artists Collect Prints", an exhibition of original prints from the collections of three Houston artists: Penny Cerling, Patrick Palmer, and Arthur Turner. With works selected by independent curator and art consultant, Elise Arnoult Miller, this exhibition offers an insider’s view of the works that hang on these artist’s walls. Each of these artist-collectors brings a different focus to print collecting.
June 12, 2014 – September 6, 2014

Contemporary Arabic Graffiti and Lettering: Photographs of a Visual Revolution

Inspired from the 2011 publication "Arabic Graffiti" written by Don Stone Karl and Pascal Zoghbi, the exhibition "Contemporary Arabic Graffiti and Lettering: Photographs of a Visual Revolution," curated by TPM Curator Keelin Burrows, examines the development and impact of Arabic graffiti over the past decade through 30 contemporary photographs and accompanying didactic panels. The exhibition presents a brief overview of the history and development of traditional Arabic script and calligraphy, providing a framework and context for contemporary calligraphy and graffiti work. However, the exhibition primarily examines how contemporary graffiti artists, mostly from Middle Eastern descent, are reviving and reinterpreting Arabic letter forms into a new graphic style, creating new lettering and typography that is becoming a part of an increasingly globalized design field and practice, as well as part of a larger social and political discourse. The first theme "Arabic Script and Calligraphy: A Historical Perspective and Beyond" presents the development of the Arabic alphabet composed of 29 letters in script form, and also shows the rise of the two main styles of Arabic calligraphy (Nask and Kufic) in 7th century Iraq. Images of calligraphic artworks, as well as contemporary murals demonstrate the persistence of the calligraphy tradition, but also how it is merging with contemporary technologies, art forms, and practices.
March 13, 2014 – September 13, 2014

Russell Maret: Interstices and Intersections or, An Autodidact Comprehends a Cube

The Printing Museum is pleased to present "Russell Maret: Interstices & Intersections or, An Autodidact Comprehends a Cube", the latest fine press publication by New York City-based artist Russell Maret. Comprised of the artist’s notes, sketches, watercolors, proof prints, in addition to tools used in contemporary letterpress printing practices, this exhibition illustrates the creative process of producing a hand-printed, hand-bound edition from sketch to completion.
June 26, 2014 – September 20, 2014

Traveling Exhibitions

Prints by Charles Criner

In keeping with our educational outreach efforts, in 2007 the Museum created a traveling exhibition of prints from the Museum’s collection by our Artist-in-Residence, Charles Criner, for tours to schools in the Houston area. At no cost to the schools, two sets of ten printed works by Criner, along with study guides for teachers and student workbooks, are designated to benefit those schools lacking resources for field trips, especially inner-city schools. To schedule this exhibition for your school, please contact Mr. Criner at

Of Birds and Texas: the Art of Stuart & Scott Gentling

Inspired by John James Audubon, the Gentling brothers set out to create their own visions of Texas wildlife, searching out some 50 birds in their native habitats, from the Big Bend, the Panhandle, the Big Thicket, and the Gulf Coast. The result was the elephant folio, Of Birds and Texas, published by the Gentling Editions Press in 1986. This limited edition of 500 copies was designed and printed by David Holman at the Wind River Press in Austin. Illustrations were printed by offset lithography and text was printed letterpress using Centaur monotype on Mohawk Superfine paper. This collection of forty exquisitely detailed bird portraits and ten Texas landscapes has been deemed by the Dallas Morning News as “the most magnificent book ever produced in Texas.”

Available for rental are the complete set of 40 bird prints, size 28” x 34” framed. A complete manual accompanies the exhibition. A loan agreement form, rental fee and certificate of insurance for “wall to wall” coverage are required. Shipping and packing must be done by a mutually agreeable fine arts shipper/packer. For more information, please contact Keelin Burrows, Curator,, 713-522-4652, ext. 207.


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